Announcement – EILN allocation Batch 1 is open:

Hi folks – pursuant to the white paper addendum, the ILN swap and EILN allocations for distribution, have been completed for the lien inputters (50%), the good causers (34%), & the team (1%), and now we move on to the general community swap/ allocation/distribution phase; This involves hauling in specific amounts in ILN allocated to each wallet, and swapping out for EILN; This phase will be completed by batches, and the inputting of your wallet data, instructions, including the batch closure dates etc are at ; Specific ETH gas fees will also be required from each EILN/ETH wallet to cover the cost of these 16k+ transfers, AND one EILN needs to be purchased by your EILN wallet, from the uniswap pool, to qualify for your EILN allocation (coins are c$1.50 today); There are a number of steps each qualifying wallet holder needs to complete, in order to receive their wallet allocation, and be careful to not make errors; And if you miss a batch dist date, there will be a number batch dates, up to the next ILN tranche release; Also note that ETH gas fees may be cost prohibitive, for EILN allocations against smaller ILN holding wallets; All details are at the link above; Thank you; Admin

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