EILN, is an ethereum asset token – whose circulation is created, on a 1:1 basis, by burning coin from the central Komodo platform Ilien chain, and releasing the same amount of coin into circulation on the “ilien on ethereum” platform;


The Eilien project, is a debt free model step, in the movement and acceptance of a debt free architecture for mainstream blockchain use, for private peer to peer trading and commerce; This is a transparent break away from the “old” traditional current debt backed/based models, particularly in these models use of financial trusted third parties to enable the initial creative trades;


Batch 2 now live.

EILN ALLOCATION DISTRIBUTION – VERIFICATION. Edit”EILN Allocation distribution – Verification.” N.B. This process is for all who are due an allocation of EILN. Once you enter an ILN address in step 1 it will show your allocation, in which case, proceed as instructed below. If you are not eligible, it will show a message “No matching …

To add live EILN pool price to your Atomicdex app

PRE-STEPS• Logo – Ensure you have downloaded the EILN logo from https://e.ilien.io/eiln-assets/ to a folderin your PC;• Remove your current “custom” version of EILN from Atomicdex: Open your atomicdex app andsign in to your wallet – If you have a current custom version of EILN in atomicdex (without theEILN price) – delete it by “right …

DeFi pool – rewards

Rewards will be based on EILN pool providers, staking their DeFi pool coin for set minimum pool time; The reward settlement will be pro-rata based on the % of an approved EILN DeFi pool, that a pool provider holds in the DeFi pool coin, against the total approved reward amount for that approved pool;