Ilien on ethereum

Ilien coin on ethereum smart chain is also a proof of transition coin; EILN is not a security, nor a token/voucher i.e. a re-presentation of value, as EILN was minted, by transitioning, through the burning of an equivalent quantity of ILN source coin; This transition was receipted; The cost of doing business on ethereum restricted the expansion of liquidity and related pools into this side of the project; Surplus minted EILN coin will be utilised for this current phase of liquidity expansion; 

ILN on Komodo

Ilien coin is a proof of transition (link to PoT) coin with its own source chain; The quantities and value of all ilien coin in circulation originated from the transitioning of fiat debt (cumulative lien value, from paper financial world) into blockchain financial world; All ilien coins coming into circulation, to date and into the future, are and will be minted against the spot rate of 1g of gold, on their respective dates; All liens that transition, are spilt 50:50 between the lien offeror, and the ilien community; 



Swaps up if anyone wants to play. Details of all Monday Add BIF, BIE and BIUSD to atomicdex, metamask. Logos below. Swap 1 of your ILN on atomicdex for BIE then Swap BIE for BIF. Result you should have about 570 ILNF worth $0.10 each so total $57 BIUSD If you got to exchange …

Batch 2 now live.

EILN ALLOCATION DISTRIBUTION – VERIFICATION. Edit”EILN Allocation distribution – Verification.” N.B. This process is for all who are due an allocation of EILN. Once you enter an ILN address in step 1 it will show your allocation, in which case, proceed as instructed below. If you are not eligible, it will show a message “No matching …

DeFi pool – rewards

Rewards will be based on EILN pool providers, staking their DeFi pool coin for set minimum pool time; The reward settlement will be pro-rata based on the % of an approved EILN DeFi pool, that a pool provider holds in the DeFi pool coin, against the total approved reward amount for that approved pool; 


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