Swaps up if anyone wants to play. Details of all Monday

Add BIF, BIE and BIUSD to atomicdex, metamask. Logos below.

Swap 1 of your ILN on atomicdex for BIE then Swap BIE for BIF. Result you should have about 570 ILNF worth $0.10 each so total $57 BIUSD

If you got to exchange and try to sell 10 BIF you will see the price is about 0.9999 BIUSD you won’t be able to sell but you can buy wit BIUSD which will be sent to holders of BIF tomorrow. And Friday 

Test ILNE is called 

BIE 15000000.    contract address 0x00a278ceaa1f87584f2291d15275ae85803e5ac2 

Test ILNF is called

BIF 8550000000 contract address 0x54e47d75ba5f623fc9d0a2a3dfd9d8d5b2e98bea

Test USD is called

BIUSD 30000000 contract address 0xb56979cd28c5b9aa94a3798b4e0198f872864238

On sat the 12th Feb both Liquidity and single sided pools will open for a week with rewards of 1.5 million BIUSD. Details and  links will be posted later in the week. 

Add ILNF to atomicdex

Add BSC to meta mask

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