To add live EILN pool price to your Atomicdex app

• Logo – Ensure you have downloaded the EILN logo from to a folder
in your PC;
• Remove your current “custom” version of EILN from Atomicdex: Open your atomicdex app and
sign in to your wallet – If you have a current custom version of EILN in atomicdex (without the
EILN price) – delete it by “right clicking” EILN, and in the drop down menu select “disable and
delete EILN” … this will cause atomicdex to shutdown and restart (with no EILN token showing in
your wallet)
Note: In the following steps, you must add the EILN coinpaprika ID info at the coinpaprika step, for
your wallet to receive the live EILN coinpaprika info from… i.e. at the coinpaprika “test-coin” step (no 5 below), add in the EILN coinpaprika id, eiln-eilien
To add EILN token info and live pool price etc, to your wallet, follow the prompted steps on your PC,
and align with the steps below – and these steps should be completed for all wallets, where you wish
to show the EILN current UNISWAP pool price….

  1. To start, select add a custom coin/token by selecting “+”
  2. At type of token step – select ERC20 token
  3. At contract address step – input the ethereum EILN contract address (from ) i.e. copy and paste the following address:
    0xb0DBa4BD6b6C4fC9A1263D8C19A57A6BdD740A52 in the contract address box
  4. At logo step – browse your pc for the EILN logo you downloaded, and select open
  5. At the coinpaprika step – where its says “test-coin”, copy and paste in the EILN coinpaprika id
    from i.e. copy and paste: eiln-e-ilien
  6. At the preview step: select preview etc… atomicdex app will shutdown, and restart
  7. Sign in and open your wallet again, and you will see there is no EILN token showing, however all
    updated details are in the background of the app;
  8. Select add token “+” again, and type EILN into search box and add EILN;
  9. Your EILN tokens, info and live uniswap pool price will popup..

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