EILN Allocation distribution – Verification.

N.B. This process is for all who are due an allocation of EILN. Once you enter an ILN address in step 1 it will show your allocation, in which case, proceed as instructed below. If you are not eligible, it will show a message “No matching records found”.

To qualify your wallet for the EILN allocation distribution, requires that the EILN/ETH wallet address you transfer your unique amount of ETH from, holds at least 1 EILN. If your EILN/ETH wallet does not hold 1 EILN, proceed as described in steps 1-3, and then ensure you complete step 4.

Distribution will be executed over a number of batches. Timelines are strict. Errors made in specific amounts required for transfer, are each users responsibility. Errors will result in exclusion from batch distribution. Verification steps are detailed below.

Make sure you have the current version of atomicdex installed before you start. Link to wallet page.

Batch 1, closed,

Batch 2, closed,

Batch 3 ends 31st March 2021

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Step 1. Enter your ILN wallet address in the ‘search table’ box below, to get your specific wallet allocation details.

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If eligible, you will see an ILN Amount and ETH Amount appear in the table.

Step 2:

Transfer the exact specified ILN allocation amount displayed, from the specified ILN wallet address displayed, to this ILN address:


NB. In step 2, the exact ILN allocation amount displayed, MUST be transferred from the ILN wallet address displayed in step 1.

Step 3:

Transfer the exact specific ETH gas fee amount displayed, in ETH, to this ETH address.


N.B. Some ETH wallets do not support ECR-20 tokens, and if you transfer your specified ETH amount from such a wallet, your EILN allocation when issued (back to the same EILN/ETH address), will remain inaccessible. We recommend you use AtomicDex or MetaMask wallets, as both are functional for ECR-20 type tokens

N.B. The ILN wallet address and ILN & ETH exact amounts displayed, are unique to each specific ILN wallet allocation, and any errors will result in exclusion from the EILN batch distribution. Your EILN allocation will be issued to the same EILN/ETH address, that you transferred your unique ETH gas fee amount from.

Step4: Only if required. Link to buy EILN on Uniswap LINK

Video showing how to use the same EILN wallet address in Atomicdex and Metamask. Click Here

The ILN/EILN wallet allocation amounts utilised for this allocation, are determined on a pro rata basis, against ILN wallet addresses and amounts, that qualified for ILN bonus 12, per that ILN chain snapshot, dated 07th December 2020; This allocation procedure complies with EILN policy;

Thank you, your allocation will now be processed.

Your allocation amount will be distributed within 7 days of the batch closing date, if you have satisfied all the conditions above.