Announcement – ilien on ethereum – EILN

 Announcement – ilien on ethereum – EILN 


 Ilien Team; 


Date: 18th December 2020; 

For publication; 

Hi Folks, 

We hope all are well in these strange and unusual times; 

Some of you may be aware, that for some months, the team has been exploring various routes to the relatively new DeFi markets; The ethereum platform is leading the way in this new arena, and placing a percentage of current and future circulating ILN tokens on the ethereum platform, became the best route and choice for the overall project going forward; In order to do this – a sister token of ILN has been created called “ilien on ethereum”, with an abbreviation EILN; 

Thus we are delighted to announce that the EILN chain has been functional for a few weeks now, and that a separate beta website details the basis of that side of the ilien project; Over the course of the next few weeks, an amount of ILN token is being burnt, and an equal amount is being minted onto the EILN chain; All pertinent details are in the white paper addendum ; As ILN holders you qualify for EILN swap allocations, on a 1:1 swap basis, and on a pro rata basis, and the 16k+ wallets that qualified for the November 2020 bonus form the basis for this allocation list at; 

The team “hauled in” 50% of the initial EILN circulation, in ILN from the inputters equally (past lien holders), and we thank them for their involvement over the last few weeks The plan is to burn and mint the initial EILN circulation very shortly, when the “12 days of EILN” promotion has concluded – and then the mammoth task begins, when the team distributes out this EILN circulation to those wallets, that qualify for their swap allocation; 

The team have funded and set up for the community, two small uniswap pools for EILN at the spot rate of 1g of gold – one EILN/USDT pairing , and one EILN/ETH pairing , and the “12 days of Announcement – ilien on ethereum – EILN 

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EILN” promotion is to encourage the community to participate, and add your own liquidity to those pools; “How to set up videos” are available at , and a “how to step by step video” to use/purchase “Atomicdex to SWAP EILN” is at , and also a how to step by step video” to use/purchase “swap USDT:EILN for EILN” is at ; 

We encourage all the community to put some EILN into these uniswap pools during the 12 day promotion, not just for the rewards (which are significant), but to familiarise yourselves with the operation of uniswap, prior to ILN:EILN swap distribution ; Both of the uniswap pairings (EILN/USDT and EILN/ETH) pools can be accessed at , and the 12 day EILN promotion commences on Sunday the 20th December 2020; And we emphasise that the promotion through rewards, is for you to increase the size of the EILN pools, during the promotion, to allow larger swaps, and reduce future pools swings, and obviously both the pools maximising over the 12 day promotion period, is in the communities best interest; After the promotion and swap distribution, EILN holders can interact at will; 

Recommended EILN wallets are at ; When 2500 wallets are set up with EILN tokens, then full EILN chain communication and interaction is enabled by ethereum e.g. EILN price is available to bulk of DEXs, CEXs, coin registers, wallets, and logo appears in wallets etc; 

The ILN side of the project remains as is, and is the portal for inputters, good causes and bonuses, etc, as before; Current “passive” bonuses/rewards, will be changing during 2021 to “active” bonuses/rewards, requiring “certain actions” by ILN holders to qualify; And the circulation quantity of ILN reduces, by the amount EILN increases, ensuring that the net total quantity across both chains is constant, before an ILN burn, and after an EILN mint; 

As EILN participants interact in the DeFi arena, we point out that the bulk of interactions are on 3rd party platforms, and fat finger mistakes are not forgiven! This part of the project is no longer nurtured by the excellent komodo teams, and you are entering the commercial side of crypto-mania!; Obviously pc competency on new 3rd party apps, and individual research is key going forward; Announcement – ilien on ethereum – EILN 

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The team has reached out to past ILN good cause participants in the past days, regarding a “haul in” of their ILN:EILN swap allocations, and important mails could be sitting in their junk/spam folders, as not all have responded; Thus if you are a “good causer”, please check your junk/spam folders for these mails; 

Finally, the logo for EILN is slightly different to the ILN logo, and two triskeles have been added (gold and silver), replacing the central (gold and silver) “dots” in the ILN logo; Background colours for each differ also; The energy within any triskele is worth researching, and for the team, these triskeles also represent our team member known as triskele, who passed away suddenly a few short months ago, and who was instrumental in pushing this side of the project; 

Please take time to digest all the information in this announcement, the website, the white paper revision, the videos, the new wallets, the 3rd party apps, etc; 

And a big thank you, to all participants who invested their time in this EILN push, over the past months, particularly roger – “who steered the wheel 24/7”; 

We wish all the community and their families, happy holidays, and an excellent 2021; 

For and behalf of the ilien and e.ilien teams 


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