Project introduces !

The project introduces new fundamental commercial aspects and elements prior to value
being entered into a blockchain – that existing and future blockchain projects could easily
endeavour to incorporate – which clearly demonstrates the contrasting difference between the old and new systems;
The project adds four new dimensions, to aspects of the original bitcoin, etherum and
komodo intents, and these are immutability, stability, debt free status, and abundance;
Iliens debt free status, its stability and immutability, enables an accountable movement away from the debt backed/based systems, and the resulting global scarcity that inevitably follows;
The project utilises the traditional commercial contractual receipt, to close off trades,
contracts, obligations, liens, debts and settlements, in an accountable manner, to transfer
immutable, debt free value onto the ilien blockchain, thereby removing the traditional debt
backed barriers, allowing the creation and adoption of a new financial abundant system,
which permits that abundant system to nurture itself, (in much the same way the traditional
debt backed system nurtured itself by the creation of more debt);
“Crypto” coins these days are now broken into two classifications, a utility coin or a security
coin; In theory, a utility coins value comes from the provision of services, and a security
coins value comes from it being classified as debt based (due to IPOs, ICOs, or investors

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